Welcome to BPI Information Systems, Inc.

BPI provides information technology managed services to local governments, school districts and small-to-medium sized, knowledge-based businesses in southeast Michigan. 

We offer peace of mind at a predictable cost. BPI’s experts will customize an IT managed service plan which is appropriate for your needs.

We learn everything there is to know about our new customers’ IT assets, infrastructure, and information. BPI takes the time to document networks, hardware, software licenses, provisioned services, and warranties. 

BPI’s project managers analyze this information and design system improvements. We customize solutions which make it easier to maintain your assets and infrastructure. We prepare your IT systems for improved utility, reliability, and return on investment.

Our technicians and engineers are ready to handle your service calls. Whether assigned full-time or part-time to your location, or on call, BPI arrives quickly, assesses the situation, escalates if necessary, and restores you to full service.

Contact BPI Information Systems today to receive a free IT assessment, at (248) 357-3980, Ext. 109.