Mission Statement

BPI provides a measurable service that improves the use and controls the cost of information technology.

About BPI Information Systems

Since 1976, BPI Information Systems has been evolving to master innovations in information technology. We provide IT managed services throughout southeast Michigan. BPI's IT managed services help our customers to:

  • Control IT costs and capital expenditures
  • Lower labor costs
  • Protect customer and business data
  • Improve network efficiency
  • Free up managers' time and allow them to focus on their main role

Our experts analyze what you have and look for immediate, cost-effective ways to improve how your assets and infrastructure function. We set the stage for fast, efficient response from our technicians and engineers when service issues arise.

BPI can remotely monitor your critical infrastructure -- including local area networks and servers -- identifying potential problems before they cause downtime. We monitor operating system patches, anti-malware updates, system backup verification, disk utilization, and more.

Our services scale. We work with large institutions and smaller organizations. We specialize in knowledge-based businesses. Among our clients are university hospital systems, local health clinics, school districts, law firms, and local governments. 

BPI offers peace of mind at a predictable cost.