IT Support for Knowledge-Based Business

Who is handling your business IT?

Small and mid-size companies rely on information technology. The job of maintaining it and solving problems often falls to the most technologically savvy person in the company. That person was probably  hired for their abilities and skills in the company’s main line of business, not IT support.

Hiring your own experienced IT manager can be expensive. When he or she is away, the problem of covering computer issues returns.

BPI Information Systems' managed service solutions provide a more efficient way to meet the challenges of maintaining computers, networks and data. We offer on-site coverage throughout the business day and cross-train our technicians to work at your site. Someone who understands your systems is always on duty.

You might instead require on-call staff which visit your company as needed. Simple issues can be solved via remote support, by logging into your system from our offices. When escalation is necessary, we bring in experts to handle tough problems quickly. 

We maintain long-standing partnerships with companies whose products form the backbone of business IT:

  • Cisco Systems, for dependable and proven networking infrastructure
  • VMWare, for virtualizing desktops and servers to simplify management and save money
  • Microsoft, for operating systems which power more than 75 percent of servers and desktops

BPI has been working with business technology for more than 30 years. Contact us today to discover how you can gain professional IT assistance, and peace of mind, at an affordable cost.