Michigan School Districts

Do you have an educational IT expert on your team?

School districts face increased demands to provide information technology services. This includes M-STEP standardized testing and online delivery of instructional content. It is critically important that a district’s computers, servers, and networks are up, running, and properly configured.

At the same time, Michigan’s schools are up against financial challenges. The continuing uncertainty of the level of funding from Lansing limits capital-intensive infrastructure projects and equipment replacement.

BPI Information Systems makes certain that your district’s technology serves your current needs in a cost effective way. 

Case Study: M-Step preparation and delivery
BPI and a local public school district  successfully offered and processed the M-STEP standardized test in March, 2015. Despite a short window for preparation, the servers were installed, licensed, and stress-tested in time for the test. We also overcame a potential single point of failure by serving the test questions and storing the students’ answers locally. In this way, we prevented the testing from overwhelming limited bandwidth on the connection to the Internet. BPI added additional Wi-Fi access points in testing rooms and prepared laptops and desktop computers to ensure that the hardware would perform properly.

Case Study: Flipped Classroom
BPI staff designed and implemented a modified “flipped classroom” experiment in an elementary school. All in-class work in the geography classroom was done using 27 iPads that were configured with age appropriate restrictions. We installed another solution to manage the devices and applications. BPI staff worked directly with the teacher to gather statistical information to compare student outcomes with those from a traditional geography classroom.

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